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  • Why fly to Paris? To avoid putting your Pet in Cargo

    Our Pet Move service is set up to avoid putting your pet in cargo, you fly with your Pet in the cabin to Paris, then continue in our cabin as far as London, through Eurotunnel via the Pets Passport scheme. Larger dogs travel in the hold on your flight, and still exit when you do at the same time as collecting your luggage. See our customer stories.
  • Why do we use Eurotunnel to cross the English Channel?

    We prefer Eurotunnel (the Channel Tunnel) for crossing the between France and the UK, it takes just 35 minutes from Calais to Folkestone. This drive-on, drive-off train service allows us to remain sitting, with your pet, in the comfort of our vehicle. Eurotunnel also have a pet exercise area at both terminals.
  • Which countries do you offer Pet Moves between?

    Our Pet and Owner travel together road service offers Pet Moves between Paris & London. However, we are able to tailor our service to cover the region between both cities including the mainline train stations of Ashford, Dover & Folkestone (where Car Hire is available) and fast trains to London, for onward travellers, so please do get in touch to see if we could help you with your Pet Move.
  • Can I fly with my pet in the cabin directly to the UK?

    Airlines says no, however, we have the best solution, you can fly into Paris with smaller pets in the cabin, we will then chauffeur you and your pet together by road and Eurotunnel direct to the UK. We also have a solution too for larger Pets... see our customer story.. We have many customers from the US, Canada, China & Europe.
  • How long is the average Pet Move?

    Obviously each Pet Move is unique and can be affected by traffic and the Eurotunnel schedule. However, a typical pet courier service between Paris and London tends to take around six hours, which incorporates comfort breaks for your cat or dog.
  • How will my pet be transported?

    The vehicles we use are all comfortable, climate controlled and have tinted windows or blinds for your pet’s privacy and protection from the sun. All Pet Moves incorporate comfort breaks and will be conducted by experienced pet-friendly handlers. We use Eurotunnel which takes just 35 minutes, and means you can stay accompanying your Pet throughout. It's the same price whether you accompany your pet or not as we provide the same exclusive service.
  • Which is your preferred channel crossing and why?

    At this time Eurostar do not allow pets onboard and most ferry companies would require us to leave pets alone in the car on the car-deck for the duration of the crossing, which can be traumatic for our four-legged clients. For this reason we use Eurotunnel (the Channel Tunnel) for our crossing the channel, it takes just 35 minutes from Calais to Folkestone. This drive-on, drive-off train service allows us all to remain sitting in the comfort of our vehicle. They have a pet exercise area at both terminals.
  • Can I escort my pet on the journey?

    Our Pet Move service is designed around Pet and Owners accompanying their pets and travelling together, along with any luggage, in most cases you can sit right next to your pet.
  • Can I take my luggage as well as my pet?

    Yes, of course. We have an allowance of one suitcase per person, additional suitcases may be taken on request, we will then allocate the appropriate vehicle. Maximum weight of any suitcase cannot exceed 30 kilos.
  • Could you meet us at a station or airport?

    We specialise in meeting our clients at Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) or Orly (ORY) airports or Paris stations such as Gare du Nord and Gare du Lyon. We can equally meet you at any of the other Paris or London train stations. We can transport your Pet unaccompanied if you wish to continue your onward travel, separately.
  • My pet is very particular, who will be caring for him/her?

    We believe the best person to care for your Pet is You; that’s the philosophy behind Pet Moves, however in your absence we always ensure that the same person cares for your Pet throughout their journey. The Pet Moves team is made up of experienced pet lovers. We also understand that each pet is different, so we’ll consult you about important details to ensure your pet receives the very best of care on a one to one basis. Of course, since there is no price difference between accompanying your pet and us transporting them without you, you may want to come along for the journey.
  • Will I get progress reports during the move?

    We appreciate you’ll be concerned about your pet when they are travelling unaccompanied, we’re happy to keep you updated with texts or emails strategic points on the journey. These will usually be sent at the border crossing and should help to reassure you, as well as give you an estimated time of your pet’s arrival.
  • Can my pet travel to and from the UK?

    Yes we offer Pet Moves in both directions between Paris & London or cities in between.
  • Could my Pet Travel Unaccompanied?

    We understand your pets are precious to you, we offer a safe and secure, friendly environment during the voyage. Our unique service, welcomes you to accompany your pet, however if you would prefer we are equally happy to take your pet unaccompanied and provide our personal attention throughout, as we cross the channel by Eurotunnel (not to be confused with Eurostar), this is the quickest and most convenient crossing allowing your pet to have your or our personal attention at all times.
  • What we don't do

    We do not transport a multitude of pets in the back of a van, where we think it’s impossible to give individual care and attention.

    We only take family Pets directly with or without the owners, we do not collect or transport puppies etc from breeders or provide any transport whatsoever on behalf of anyone else.

    We don't smoke in our vehicles. All our vehicles are smoke and vape free.

    Apart from the Eurotunnel ticket, which is included in our price, we do not book flights or tickets for the rest of your itinerary.

    We do not arrange for your pet to receive a Pet Passport or Third Country Certificate as they need to be issued by a vet in the country you're leaving. However, once you have your paperwork, we are happy to review them for your peace of mind.