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  • Take Your Dog In The Cabin
    We Love Pets
    At Pet Moves all of our drivers are animal lovers, who will treat your pet with care and respect.
  • Flying With Your Pet
    Keep Your Pet In Safe Hands
    We believe the best person to look after your Pet, is you, travel together with Pet Moves.
  • Taking Your Pets on the Plane
    Travel Together
    Can't Fly to London, Pet in the Cabin, solution, Fly to Paris, continue with Pet Moves, direct to London.

Want to fly with your Pet in the Cabin to London avoiding Cargo?

Airline says no, we have the best solution. Fly to Paris Charles De Gaulle instead with your pet in the cabin. We will then chauffeur you, and your pet, together direct to London or South East England via Eurotunnel. We also have a solution for larger pets to avoid cargo... see our customer story.

Premium Service

Our exclusive, Pet Chauffeur service is dedicated to you and your pet for the whole trip.


Our drivers are animal lovers, who will treat your pet with care and respect.


We’ll chauffeur you & your pet by road, in a safe environment, in air conditioned comfort.


We can meet you at key points on the journey, such as airports or stations.

A bit about us...


We specialise in transporting Owners and Pets on our travel together chauffeur service, between Paris & London, via Eurotunnel. We meet you from your Plane or Train at Paris, Charles de Gaulle or Orly airport or Train stations. Our service is exclusive to each customer on our a door to door service.

We cross over the Channel using Eurotunnel, a drive-on train shuttle service, which means you and your pet stay together throughout the whole journey.

We guide you through the Pet Passport formalities at the Border with further assistance, if required.

As long-established international pet transport and pet travel specialists, Pet Moves is a Ministry approved animal and pet transporter and offers owners total peace-of-mind with their kind, considerate and caring pet travel service. ​